We believe that fashion should be inclusive and free

The brand that is redefining the world of fashion with a fresh and innovative perspective, becoming synonymous with unmistakable elegance and style. The collections are free from gender labels and stereotypes, encouraging the customer to transcend traditional boundaries to find what suits them best and what they consider most comfortable.
Mercader creates a unique and unforgettable fashion experience, with iconic and high-quality pieces that stand out for their attention to detail and design. All fabrics and materials are carefully selected to ensure the quality of all products.




  1. Fátima Lopes
    Jumpsuit Ume
  2. Mariano Shoes
  3. Eugénio Campos
    Allure Earrings in Gold and Silver
  1. Dresses

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  1. Pé de Chumbo
    Fur shirt
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